How does it enhance the guest experience?

The most common question a guest has after checking in is "what now?" Our app directly answers those questions with a full directory of information, dynamic "things to do" screens, and no limits on the amount of content. In addition, our app also integrates with your PMS and POS systems to bring services closer to the guest and leverage the value of your existing systems.

Does it support tablets and phones?

Yes. The app works across any device size, and automatically presents content to best fit the size and orientation of the guest's device.

Does it run on in-room devices, guests' personal devices, lobby kiosks, etc.?

We target the app to your guests' personal devices. Our approach is that the best device a person understands is the one in their pocket all day. That being said, nothing is stopping you from offering devices to guests for the duration of their stay. We give you the flexibility to get the information to your guests, no matter which device they use.

How quickly do updates to the information appear in the app?

Any changes you make in the CMS appear instantly on the mobile app. No updates to push, or outdated versions to worry about. This also gives you the flexibility to update information as a situation develops, and know that all of your guests have access to it.

How can we communicate with our guests?

We provide an advanced push notification system that can target guests according to your own queries. Send notifications to anyone who looked at the spa, but didn't book an appointment; invite your local members to a special event without disturbing your temporary guests; or engage your previous guests to get return bookings.

Is it multilingual?

Any language your staff can type into the CMS will be shown in the application. Our CMS is currently available in English, and will be translated to many major world languages soon.

Can it handle guests requests?

Yes. Guests can request room service, maintenance, concierge services, or unique requests, then track the status from the same screen. Your team can view requests on desktop or mobile, so you can assign your staff in a way that works for you.

Is it customizable to the hotel's brand?

Every aspect of the application's style is customizable through an easy-to-use editor in the CMS, which shows you a live sample of the app to immediately show you how changes affect the overall look. For groups with graphic design teams, we offer advanced customization at no additional cost, so you can show your guests just how unique you are.

Can guests see menus for our restaurants and room service?

Yes. You can link to any existing menus you have, or use our dining menu builder to make your menus look fantastic on any mobile device.

Do we have to open up our network?

SmartGuest is a completely cloud-hosted solution that takes advantage of the speed, reliability, and flexibility of the web. You don't have to make any changes to your network, or worry about installing any complicated programs on your business computers.

Does it integrate with our existing PMS systems?

We can connect to any Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) certified system, so you can get more value out of the systems you already have. This allows you to engage your guests when they're most interested in discovering your amenities, better serving their needs and increasing your revenue over other marketing methods.