HandHeld Hospitality to showcase its SmartGuest app at HITEC 2014 in Los Angeles, June 23 - 26

Vienna, VAJune 9, 2014

HandHeld Hospitality™, LLC, a leader in mobile hospitality technology, announced today that it will showcase its SmartGuest™ app at HITEC 2014, the world's largest hospitality technology show. SmartGuest is a customizable application that enables hotels to communicate directly with guests and increase revenue. Visitors are encouraged to stop by booth #225 at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Monday, June 23 to Thursday, June 26 to receive a demonstration. HandHeld Hospitality will also present a TechTalk session on Tuesday, June 24 from 2:00 p.m. to 2:15 p.m.

With SmartGuest, hotels can provide their guests with up-to-date information on hotel services and activities, including special offers, room service, and restaurant menu selections. Management can also send notifications of any kind in real time. Additionally, the app features an A-Z directory and a limitless activity planner. SmartGuest can be easily installed on a hotel network or hosted in the cloud, and features an easy-to-use Content Management System.

Hotel guests who download the SmartGuest app are able to receive targeted promotions and offers from the hotel and its local partners, to make their stay more enjoyable. A key feature of SmartGuest is the functionality for hotel guests to make specific requests for preferences during their stay, allowing them to receive faster, customized service. SmartGuest also offers the options of sharing information on social media, or one-click-dialing or emailing for reservations. In addition, quick search and GPS mapping allow guests to find their way in and around the hotel properties with the touch of a finger.

During a TechTalk session, Joshua Baker, Director of Product Development for HandHeld Hospitality, will discuss how SmartGuest is a critical component of customer relations management (CRM) strategy, which includes location information and big data. TechTalk is a series of 15-minute, free-flowing conversations about the most innovative ideas happening in the industry.

"We look forward to showcasing our SmartGuest app at HITEC, which has hosted the hottest hospitality technologies for the last 40 years," said Elmer Coppoolse, CEO of HandHeld Hospitality. "The timing is especially right for SmartGuest as mobile technology is the preferred platform for travelers, which makes SmartGuest a perfect way to reach out to hotel guests during their stay."

Sponsored by the Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP), HITEC offers a unique combination of top-notch education and the world's largest hospitality technology exposition. Sessions are led by industry peers and experts, and the unparalleled expo showcases the latest industry products and services from over 300 companies. For more information about HITEC, please visit http://www.hftp.org/HITEC.

Handheld Hospitality CEO Elmer Coppoolse to speak during two sessions of the Mobile Hospitality and Retail Summit in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, April 22

Chevy Chase, MDApril 21, 2014

HandHeld Hospitality™, LLC, a leader in mobile technology for hotels, announced today that its CEO Elmer Coppoolse, will speak during two sessions at the second annual Mobile Hospitality and Retail Summit (Mobile Host) on Tuesday, April 22. The conference will take place at the Sheraton Resort Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Fla. Mr. Coppoolse will appear on a panel to discuss mobile marketing for hospitality, tourism and retail at 9:30 a.m. He will also make a presentation at 3:50 p.m. session about using mobile to make hotels smarter.

"We are entering the second phase of mobile technology in which online activity on mobile devices is outpacing desktops and laptops combined," said Elmer Coppoolse, CEO of HandHeld Hospitality. "I'm looking forward to speaking about how mobile technology can help increase revenue for hotels while simultaneously improving the guest experience."

HandHeld Hospitality has developed its first mobile app for hotels, SmartGuest™, which allows guests to receive instant notifications; make and confirm restaurant and activity bookings; and have up-to-date hotel and area information at their fingertips. HandHeld Hospitality is also collaborating with AT&T to introduce its SmartGuest app to the hospitality industry. Bob McCarthy, the recently retired COO of Marriott International, Inc., is a member of HandHeld Hospitality's Board of Directors.

The second annual Mobile Hospitality and Retail Summit (Mobile Host) will explore the technologies and services that will drive the future of hospitality, tourism and retail. For more information about the conference, please visit www.mobilehostshow.com.

Handheld Hospitality appoints Marriott International COO to its board and announces SmartGuest app collaboration

Chevy Chase, MDFebruary 21, 2014

HandHeld Hospitality™, LLC a leading forerunner in mobile technology for hotels, announced today the board appointment and investment partnership with Bob McCarthy, COO of Marriott International, Inc., who has announced his retirement from Marriott, effective February 2014. HandHeld Hospitality is also collaborating with AT&T to introduce its SmartGuest™ app to the hospitality industry.

"Bob brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into improved guest satisfaction and revenue optimization through mobile technology," said Elmer Coppoolse, CEO of HandHeld Hospitality. "His expertise combined with HandHeld's advanced technology in developing breakthrough apps make a powerful team."

"HandHeld Hospitality has created advanced platforms, such as the SmartGuest app, that will bring an enormous revolution in the engagement of guests and the enhancement of revenues for hotels," said McCarthy. "HandHeld Hospitality is in a position to enable hotels worldwide to efficiently leverage affordable platforms. HandHeld Hospitality has the technology to make hotels smart, generate incremental revenues, while providing an invaluable guest service asset."

"Guests are looking for an easy and seamless experience at hospitality locations," said Phillip Hartfield Executive Director of Wi-Fi Solutions for AT&T. "By working with application developers to broaden our product offering we can meet the needs that the hospitality industry faces with revolutionary solutions that will ultimately satisfy the guest."

About HandHeld Hospitality, LLC

HandHeld Hospitality™, based in Chevy Chase, Maryland, is an innovative technology company leading the next wave of hospitality tech and service-delivery by demonstrating how hotels can incorporate the next generation of mobile app technology in their business models to gain competitive advantage and greater consumer mindshare. Founded by Elmer Coppoolse, an international hotelier and formerly also a development partner and COO of SynXis, HandHeld aims to make hospitality businesses smarter by providing low cost, innovative and practical mobile solutions to outdated and inefficient best practices. The SmartGuest™ app is the first of such products launched by HandHeld Hospitality. More information is available at www.handheldhospitality.com.

Making hotels smart, with New Orleans CityBusiness

July 24, 2013

New Orleans CityBusiness reporter Maria Clark wrote about the continuing shift of hotel services to mobile devices. In today's world, where nearly half of all mobile phone subscribers carry a smartphone, hotels can no longer afford to do business the same way as before. They must constantly update their business process and ways in which they engage with their guests.

HandHeld Hospitality's application, At Your Service, gives hoteliers a platform to provide their guests with accurate, real-time information about the hotel's amenities and the activities going on around them. This leads to more reservations, increased revenue, and more efficient use of hotel staff.

You can read the full article on the New Orleans CityBusiness website, at http://neworleanscitybusiness.com/blog/2013/07/24/hotels-open-doors-with-mobile-apps/.

Hospitality Technology details our newest features

July 12, 2013

Some of our newest features, unique to the hospitality app market, were discussed on Hospitality Technology.

Our service provides a fully multilingual product for worldwide use; easy plug-ins into HTNG compliant systems to generate additional revenue and get more value from your existing systems; and a clean, usable design that keeps guests coming back to At Your Service-equipped businesses. All of these features are provided in a flexible package that has minimal impact on your network infrastructure, for a highly-competitive price.

You can read the full article on Hospitality Technology's website, at http://hospitalitytechnology.edgl.com/products/HandHeld-Hospitality-Announces-New-Features-to-Mobile-to-Streamline-Service87382.

CIO Today introduces us to its readers

July 8, 2013

The scope of fields which are intensely interested in At Your Service never stops delighting us. CIO Today ran an article highlighting the wide range of features our app brings to the table, while remaining a compact and easily-deployed solution.

IT departments are surprised to find that we can provide such a flexible, useful application with minimal impact on the network. Thanks to our unique architecture, At Your Service provides real-time information to your guests, deep analytics for management and marketing, and advanced notifications that can be delivered to targeted groups of users.

You can read the full article on CIO Today's website, at http://www.cio-today.com/story.xhtml?story_id=020002GO9D9C.

Picked up by Delaware Online

July 7, 2013

Our exposure in USA Today is making waves, as Delaware Online picked up the article for their readers.

Delaware Online wanted to show an attractive example of next-generation applications being developed for the hospitality industry. Unique among its competitors, HandHeld Hospitality's app is featured beside the article as an exciting new service that not only gives hotels better engagement with their guests, but delights its users with a beautiful, highly usable interface.

You can read the full article on Delaware Online's website, at http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20130708/BUSINESS10/307080046/Mobile-apps-let-guests-order-room-service-more.

Featured in USA Today

June 27, 2013

HandHeld Hospitality was featured in USA Today, picking up on our app's unique ability to inform your guests about activities happening around them, the increased revenue that can be generated when hotels better engage their guests, and the real-time nature of our application's information.

We are proud that USA Today chose to feature At Your Service, mobilizing the guest experience at the touch of a finger.

You can read the full article on the USA Today website, at http://www.usatoday.com/story/dispatches/2013/06/27/hotels-mobile-apps-room-service/2465469/.